Sonora 353 – Here There and Everywhere 2


Mar 3 2024 • 58 mins

E o Sonora está de volta, depois de umas merecidas férias de verão. E pra celebrar que estamos aqui, o  Sonora pega carona naquela famosa música dos Beatles “Here, There and Everywhere” e traz só músicas com uma dessas 3 palavras no título.

- The Commons with Elizabeth Harper - Here Comes Your Man
- Bill Ryder-Jones - Let's Get Away From Here
- Gil Scott-Heron and Makaya McCraven – I’m New Here
- Wild Pink - There Is A Ledger
- Coyote Island - Here Before
- Masha Qrella – I´m A Stranger Here Myself
- Bettye Lavette - Wish You Were Here
- Tiny Habits - Hey There Delilah
- Tasha - But Theres Still The Moon
- Jonathan Wilson - Reach Out I'll Be There
- Alejandro Bravo - Always Something There To Remind Me
- Rod Ladgrove - Here Comes the Sun
- John Lennon - Imagine There's No Lonely People (Rudy Mancuso Remix)
- Belarus - Here, There and Everywhere