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Raj Shamani's Figuring Out

Jun 8 2024 • 1 hr 26 mins

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(00:00) - Introduction (02:41) - Why areas with inequality have better food & hospitality (11:43) - Indian food choices vs Western food choices (18:12) - Is eating basic grains healthy for us? (23:39) - Bluezones (25:37) - Single women & married men live longer (26:43) - Processed & frozen American food vs fresh Indian food (30:58) - Is storing food in the fridge unhealthier? (37:01) - Does microwaved food cause cancer? (39:47) - Heating reduces nutrition more than freezing (41:12) - Induction cooking vs gas cooking (42:28) - Is non-stick cookware unhealthy? (46:19) - Is haldi a superfood? (49:32) - What is detox exactly? (55:30) - Is too much palak (spinach) healthy for you? (59:13) - Is green smoothie a scam? (1:01:56) - How much fat should one consume daily? (1:04:00) - How is cancer directly proportional to the wealth of the country? (1:06:45) - Cancer is inevitable (1:07:57) - How plants and animals evolve in an ecosystem (1:11:08) - Do humans need to consume meat? (1:12:27) - Why do north Indians consume more milk? (1:16:03) - Why is lactose intolerance increasing in India? (1:19:00) - Is eating insects healthy? (1:22:42) - Thank you!

In today’s episode of Figuring Out, we have Krish Ashok in conversation with Raj Shamani. He is the Author of Masala Lab: The Science of Indian Cooking Science Communicator. Through content creation, he educates people on Instagram about food and the science behind it and has more than 800k followers there. In this episode, we talked about why countries that have inequality have better quality of food, how Indian food nutrition is different from the US, and what Blue Zones are. He also shared how single women live longer than married ones and other interesting facts. We discussed how healthy refrigerated foods are, whether microwaves are better than stoves, and are non-stick utensils safe to use. He broke down some popular myths around superfoods, haldi, palak and more. We also discussed the importance of spices, detox drinks and why North Indians drink a lot of milk. Towards the end, we talked about why India is becoming a lactose-intolerant country and how healthy is eating insects which is practiced in a lot of Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam. He revealed that he himself eats insects and they have 100% protein. For more such insightful podcasts don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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