The Chainsmokers On Music, Love, Money, Coldplay, Ambani's Pre Wedding & India | FO 211 Raj Shamani

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Jun 6 2024 • 47 mins

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(0:00) - Introduction (2:20) - Why the name Chainsmokers? (3:15) - Why do artists have a stage name? (7:15) - Their experiences with Indian weddings (9:51) - How long do marriages last in India vs USA? (11:58) - Range Rover won’t answer their calls (12:37) - The song “Selfie", was a necessary evil (15:44) - The story of “Something Just Like This” (20:52) - The story of “Erase” (23:02) - Best festival they played in (23:42) - Dream Indian Artist Collaboration (25:07) - Bollywood movie suggestions for The Chainsmokers (26:03) - Moving from music to venture capitalism (27:35) - The gut health movement in the US (31:50) - Is the gut health trend going to stay for longer? (33:01) - Bluezones (34:40) - How much do they travel? (36:18) - What’s the most expensive thing they’ve bought? (39:14) - Startup scene in India (43:20) - Their first gig ever (45:58) - Thank you! In today’s episode, we have Drew Taggart and Alex Pall from The Chainsmokers in conversation with Raj Shamani. They are Grammy Award-winning Musicians and founders of Mantis Venture Capital. Some of their popular songs are ‘Closer’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. They are one of the most popular international music bands that are loved and admired globally. In this episode, we talked about how from being musicians they transitioned to becoming venture capitalists. We talked about why probiotics have become a big thing in the US, how much they travel in a year and the types of startups that are going to win in India. We then talked about why they named their band ‘The Chainsmokers’, what was their life like before and after going viral, and their experience attending an Indian wedding. Towards the end, we talked about their first viral song, their collaboration with Coldplay, and their experience working with Priyanka Chopra. We also talked about their favorite Indian festivals and one Indian star they want to work with. We ended the conversation by talking about their first gig and their experience of their live show. If you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to not miss our latest episodes!
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