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May 9 2024 • 50 mins

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(00:00) - Intro (03:06) - Childhood Challenges (07:35) - Dealing with Bullies (11:05) - Challenges during School & College Life (15:52) - First International Blind Student (17:20) - IIT & Flaws of the Education System (18:43) - Denied on Flight (21:12) - Lessons from MIT (22:10) - The Most Important Quality of a Leader (23:38) - Beginning of Bollant Industries (27:48) - People taking Srikanth lightly (28:47) - First Visually Impaired President of India (30:00) - What Would he Change as President? (31:16) - Srikanth’s Admiration for A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (32:35) - Hiring Process at Bollant Industries (34:53) - Srikanth’s Biopic (43:00) - Are there Opportunities for People with Disabilities? (45:10) - Srikanth’s Love Story (49:26) - Thanks for Watching My gear for shooting this video:

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In today’s episode of Figuring Out, we have Srikanth Bolla in conversation with Raj Shamani. He is the Founder and Chairman of Bollant Industries. He is the first international blind student in Management Science at the Sloan School of Management of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In this episode, we talked about Srikanth’s childhood, how after his birth people around him told his parents to leave him, and how kids in his school would corner him but throughout this all, his parents supported him. He also shared how he deals with bullies and disrespect with sarcasm and optimism. He shared his story of how he met Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and why he calls him his hero. We also talked about how IIT coaching institutes rejected him and how then his mentors helped him to get into MIT. He further talked about what are some changes that the Indian education system needs to make to get better and the difference between education abroad and in India. Towards the end, we talked about how one can become a better leader, how he started Bollant industries, what was his vision behind it, and how he hires people. We talked about his biopic ‘Srikanth’ and what all Rajkumar Rao did to prepare for his role. We ended our conversation by talking about how he met his wife and got to know that she was the one. For more such inspiring episodes. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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