Kartik Aaryan On His Dating Life, Money, Cars, Bollywood & Chandu Champion | FO 213 Raj Shamani

Raj Shamani's Figuring Out

Jun 11 2024 • 1 hr 23 mins

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(00:00) - Introduction (03:01) - Kartik’s relationship with his Mom (05:28) - His dating life before fame vs after fame (12:14) - Kartik’s ideal partner (17:10) - Friendships (22:41) - Worst relationship he’s been in (24:21) - Love from Gwalior (28:15) - Why he’s loved so much around the country? (31:31) - Do people change after stardom? (35:37) - His life before and after stardom (40:14) - How he got Pyaar Ka Punchnama? (43:47) - Hard-work & self-belief will get you anywhere (48:37) - Kartik’s controversy (50:48) - Best advice for actors (52:51) - His growth (55:19) - Does Kartik enjoy money? (1:01:02) - How Chandu Champion happened? (1:03:17) - How he prepared for his role in Chandu Champion? (1:09:38) - What is Champion Mentality? (1:21:56) - Thank you!

In today’s episode of Figuring Out, we have Kartik Aaryan in conversation with Raj Shamani. He is loved for his movies like ‘Pyaar Ka Panchnama’, ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ and ‘Luka Chuppi’. His new movie ‘Chandu Champion’ is coming soon for which he has done a major mental and physical transformation. In this episode, we talked about his relationship with his mom, and how success changed his relationship with his family. He shared his good and not-so-good experiences in relationships. We talked about how we can find an ideal partner and the 4 stages of a relationship. He shared a basic checklist of values that he looks for in a partner and his thoughts on love. He also shared how his friendships with his friends and how his life changed after ‘Sonu ki Teetu ki Sweety’. We talked about his early days in Mumbai and how he got into acting, his controversy of being called unprofessional and what he wants to do next in life. Towards the end, we talked about why he chose Chandu Champion and the backstory behind its preparation and how that movie changed his life. We also talked about the champion’s mentality and how it helps him deal with different situations in life. We ended our conversation by talking about the lowest point in his life and how he dealt with it. For more such podcasts, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

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