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May 14 2024 • 47 mins

Disclaimer: This video is intended solely for educational purposes and opinions shared by the guest are his personal views and should not be considered financial advice. Before making any investment decisions, please consult with a qualified financial advisor. Our goal is to provide information to help audience make informed choices. Order 'Build, Don't Talk' (in English) here: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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(00:00) - Introduction (3:59) - Why are people in India still afraid to invest in the stock market? (5:47) - Why he started in 1991 (8:09) - Effect of Harshad Mehta scam on angel broking business (10:52) - Why are fintech companies facing so many problems in India? (12:40) - Paytm ke saath kya ho raha hai? (13:42) - Majority of Assets in India are Physical Assets (19:49) - Tips for Young People Looking to Invest in the Stock Market (28:20) - Bad Habits of an Indian Retail Customer (31:42) - Growing Sectors (35:53) - Why did Angelone become an associate partner with IPL? (44:16) - His car collection (45:52) - Thank you! In today’s episode of Figuring Out, we have Dinesh Thakkar in conversation with Raj Shamani. He is the managing director of Angel One which is a Fintech company providing broking services, margin trading facilities, research services, depository services, investment education, and financial products distribution to its clients. In this episode, we started talking about his journey of starting Angel One from scratch, and how he took 1.5cr-2crs from his friends, and how their investment has turned into 100s of crores. He also shared how Harshad Mehta's scam affected the market and how he came out of it. He then shared how his company is growing around 80-85% consumer base every year and how much profits they make. We discussed what went wrong in Paytm, what is the new generation investing in, and three tips that he would like to give any young person who is just starting their investment journey. We talked about the mistakes people make while investing and what are the things they should avoid. We then talked about why he became the associate partner in IPL and what is his strategy or thought process behind it. Then we talked about the different prices of various collaborations in IPL and how he never invested in equity himself. We ended our conversation by talking about his car collection. Follow Dinesh Thakkar Here: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter:

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