KUDEN! Martial Arts, Self-Defense & Survival

Jeffrey M. Miller

Welcome to Kuden! The podcast for practitioners and enthusiasts of Ninjutsu, the self-defense, survival, and personal development system of Japan’s ancient Ninja Night Warriors; hosted by internationally recognized self-defense expert, author, and master instructor, Dai-Shihan Jeffrey Miller, one of the longest training students in the art with ACTUAL life and street experience using these powerful, life-changing and saving lessons! Join us live each week on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter Periscope as we dive deeply into the art of the ancient Ninja and Samurai, and learn how to really apply these lessons in your life today, against the threats, challenges, and attacks that exist in the real world of the 21st century! If you would like to train with Dai-Shihan Miller as an online, distance training student you can email warriorc@warrior-concepts-online.com. read less