Antibiotic Overuse - The Unspoken Pandemic

A Gut Feeling

12-05-2022 • 56 mins

Antibiotics are everywhere. They're the first solution to any infection, used prophylatically before and after surgeries, and even for rashes in infants and young children. We're saying it - it's a pandemic.

The problem with antibiotics is - bacteria can build up tolerance to them, making them ineffective. And possibly even worse - antibiotics wipe out all good bacteria also, leaving you potentially more susceptible to infections and bacteria than before.

This podcast covers it all:

  • The problem with using antibiotics
  • Why antibiotics make you more susceptible to "bad" bacteria
  • The link between antibiotics and SIBO
  • Nature's antibiotics
  • Supplements that are superior to antibiotics - and why
  • Why a multi-faceted approach is needed
  • How to approach "recovery" from antibiotic use

Please check below for exact timestamps of topics covered.

Our aim with this podcast is to educate you and provide you with tools to optimise your life by healing your gut.

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00:01:02 How antibiotic resistance develops

00:05:46 How antibiotics are used in traditional medicine today

00:08:56 Client stories & studies

00:16:50 The "medical world" solution to the problem

00:24:02 Why bacteria becomes resistant

00:26:26 Biofilm - what it is, how it forms, why it causes

00:37:38 Natural Biofilm disruptors

00:44:53 Biofilm agents

00:47:36 Enzymes

00:55:33 Final thoughts

None of the information provided in A Gut Feeling is intended to treat, diagnose, or give medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional before making any changes to your lifestyle.

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