Mergers & Acquisitions, XYXX's funding, & Long-form Content

Think Fast with Varun and Suchita

31-08-2022 • 47 mins

This week's episode began with Varun talking about embracing Fatherhood for the second time, the India-Pakistan Asia Cup Match which was quite the spectacle with a special mention of Hardik Pandya's swag, and Jay Shah refusing to hold the Indian Flag and Twitter's reaction around it, how Podcasts are coming to Twitter and what then happens to Twitter Spaces, Adani group being over-leveraged and their stake in NDTV, Air Pods and their revenue, and Nykaa's offline Athleisure store on Delhi.

Varun & Suchita share their Mergers & Acquisition experiences with Nykaa acquiring LBB & WPP acquiring The Glitch; and the recent acquisition of Svami drinks by Third Eye Distillery and the Indian Gin market. They also talk about a recent YouTube study about how its Long Form content has seen significant viewership contradicting the fact that short form is popular due to short attention spans, XYXX's funding and the lingerie market.

Varun recommends a Biryani place while Suchita recommends an Apple Plus show 'Bad Sisters'.

Varun & Suchita also answer a few listener questions on the show. Do share yours on the below-mentioned handles.

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