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YORK Talks is a podcast for families wanting to learn more about The York School, Toronto's leading co-ed independent school delivering the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Established more than 50 years ago, The York School provides 730 JK to Grade 12 students a world-leading academic programme within a diverse, inclusive, and caring environment. The York School is a place where students thrive, faculty and staff inspire, and parents are supportive and engaged members of the community. In Season 1, host Natasha Estey spoke with school leaders, teachers, students, and parents in The York School community about different aspects of the school including topics like what choice, voice, and ownership means in the context of the Primary Years Programme, whether the IB Diploma Programme is worth it, and the role of athletics in learning. One of the reasons families choose The York School is its teachers. In Season 2, Natasha will speak with teachers from the Junior, Middle, and Senior Schools about their call to teaching, their craft, what a day in the life of their classroom is really like, teaching during a pandemic, and their views on the future of education among other things. A new episode will be released every two weeks or so and can be found wherever you get your podcasts. read less

ICE: Experiential Learning at Its Best
ICE: Experiential Learning at Its Best
Winter camping, an urban history scavenger hunt, and painting on the shore of Georgian Bay. These sorts of experiences are part of The York School’s unique Integrated Canadian Experience (ICE) Programme, an innovative combined study of Canadian history, geography, civics, and literature undertaken by all Grade 9 students. In this episode, Sara Gardner, an architect of ICE, shares how students uncover the story of Canada and its inhabitants by combining field research with classroom learning and developing observational, inquiry and communication skills. Reese Feldberg, an ICE alum, shares her experience as a student. And Andrea Lossing, Trip and Camp Curriculum Coordinator, talks about the other amazing experiential learning opportunities at York.To see experiential learning in action, search the hashtag #Yorklearns on Twitter, follow @ICEGardner and follow @a_lossing. You can read more about the ICE Programme here, find Sara Gardner’s article about winter camping here, and watch a winter camping (2015) video here. And here's a link to the Grade 9 ICE Showcase from 2020. Links to different ICE documentaries can be found on The York School’s Vimeo page including B.C. 2019, Alberta 2019, Newfoundland 2018, and Killarney 2015. The 2018 International Service Trip to Global Pathways School in India offers another glimpse into experiential learning as does the 2017 Music Trip to Cuba.Written and produced by Natasha EsteyAudio editing by Andrew Scott