She Runs Ultras

Meghan Gould

She Runs Ultras is about (yup, you guessed it) running ultras. Lots of other running podcasts out there are full of gear & race reviews and interviews with the experts telling unrelatable stories about their record breaking times and super human feats. Now…don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned some great stuff from those podcasts...But what about those of us that aren’t getting paid to do this?Those of us that are mid to back of the pack runners?And those of us that have never won a damn thing? What was out there for us? Yeah, I couldn’t find it - so I decided to make it! And it just so happens that I’m getting geared up to start training for some races in 2021. So throughout this series, I’ll share what really happens when a typical, non-professional runner takes on the challenge of running an ultra. Got some races planned for this year? Let’s train together.From the emotional & physical ups and downs, to the details of my actual training plan, and the excitement (not to mention nerves) that build as race day gets closer...I promise not to hold anything back. So whether you’re already a member of the ultra community or if you’re just ultra curious...Hit subscribe and let’s do this! read less