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S3 E17 - Louis Colella & Sean Gibbon - How to Exit and Transition Your Business
Jan 8 2024
S3 E17 - Louis Colella & Sean Gibbon - How to Exit and Transition Your Business
This week David is joined by 2 professionals in the exit-planning industry, Louis Colella & Sean Gibbon. Louis Colella is a seasoned financial professional with nearly four decades of experience, making his mark as a Partner, Wealth Advisor, and Managing Director of the Business Growth and Transitions team at JFS Wealth Advisors. In addition to professional advisor experience, he has led the value growth and successful exits of several businesses in which he was an owner or partner.  Sean Gibbon has worked closely with entrepreneurs and business owners to tackle new financial challenges and develop, implement, and monitor effective solutions. In his role as Wealth Advisor, and as part of the Business Growth and Transitions team, Sean’s main focus areas include wealth management, business value assessment, and business growth and transition consulting. His ability to put together each piece of the financial puzzle allows him and his clients to see the big picture and lay out a path for achieving their financial goals.   In this episode, you’ll hear David, Louis, & Sean discuss: What is exit/transition planning?Addressing “what’s next??”The “5 D’s”David’s personal experience with business transition   Get Exit Planning Institute resources here  Connect with Louis & Sean here  Click here for access to my free ebook Check out for links, transcript, and more details   👇 FOLLOW DAVID MCGLENNEN 👇 ⏺ Facebook - ⏺ Linkedin - ⏺ Instagram - ⏺ Sign Up for my Newsletter -