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JJack Armstrong, the All-American Boy was a radio adventure series which maintained its popularity from 1933 to 1951. The program originated at WBBM in Chicago on July 31, 1933, and was later carried on CBS, then NBC and finally ABC.
The adventures which captivated listeners each week were entirely fictitious, and led to good-natured ribbing throughout Armstrong's life. Another creation of Sam Gale's fertile mind was the iconic Betty Crocker. The radio serial maintained its popularity from 1933 to 1951. The storylines centered on the globe-trotting adventures of Armstrong (played by Jim Ameche until 1938 and later portrayed by Michael Rye), a popular athlete at Hudson High School, his friends Billy Fairfield and Billy's sister Betty, and their Uncle Jim, James Fairfield, an industrialist.
The show was sponsored by General Mills and Wheaties, and the catchphrase "Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, Wheaties, the Breakfast of Champions" was repeated frequently throughout the show.
Jack Armstrong was a popular character among young listeners, and the show was often praised for its educational value. The show featured stories about history, science, and geography, and it also promoted good sportsmanship and teamwork.
Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy was a groundbreaking radio show that helped to shape the way that children were entertained. The show was popular for its educational value, its exciting adventures, and its positive role models.

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