Annoying Things People Do That Irritates me the most, Part 1. Lack of traffic & parking sense.

Rants of a Desi Girl - Funny Talk Show | Interesting Topics | Standup Comedy | Roasting | Hindi

01-09-2020 • 8 mins

Welcome to the "Rants of a Desi Girl". A pro comedy podcast in Hindi. A funny podcast where we will talk and gossip about random and interesting topics. We will do the roasting of various stuffs. We will have girls talk, boys talk, Q and A sessions. Lots of possiblities. I am Purvi, a girl from Mumbai / Gujarat living in Delhi NCR. In this episode, i will rant about some annoying habits of people that irritates me the most. I have covered people with no parking and traffic sense in this episode. Rest will be covered in my future episodes. You can Join me on You can also mail me at for any queries.