Virtual Selling

Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel

With the pandemic that came upon us, the rise of video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom has led to more aspects of the sales conversation to occur virtually, and what began as a crisis reaction has evolved into the new normal, but how normal is the new normal ? We’re talking about how the strong shift from in-person to Virtual Selling has transformed the B2B sales experience. Virtual sales enablement, new organizations, KPIs, everything is evolving! In The Virtual Selling Podcast we address these issues in depth, twice a week, with the experts and leaders of these transformations; head of sales, sales ops and sales enablement of the most innovative companies in the field. This podcast is sponsored by, the new SAAS platform to make your customer meetings more engaging and better prepared.… Find out how you can increase your Sales team efficiency and sales readiness, enable remote management, and vamp Sales operational excellence! Virtual Selling is here to stay, and so is ;) read less