Why does Zach Morris have friends?

The Nostalgia Mixtape

23-08-2018 • 1 hr 51 mins

This episode of the Nostalgia Mixtape is a deep dive into the 90s hit TV show Saved by The Bell. We discuss some of our favoite episodes, our favorite cast members, as well as some of the things we've always wondered about the series like where exactly is The Max?

We take a moment to discuss the death of the Legend Aretha Franklin and the anniversary of the death of Lee Thompson Young.

Here's a few links pertaining to this week's episode including links to the Go bayside podcast and the Jimmy Fallon skit with some of the cast.

Saved By The Bell cast on Jimmy Fallon

Saved By The Max pop-up Restaurant

"Go Bayside" Tumblr and Podcast

Zach Morris Is Trash from Funny Or Die

Mario and Elizabeth together looking FANTASTIC!

And for those ready for a bit of drama Dustin Diamond vs. Harvey Walden from Celebrity Fit Club (NSFW)