The 80s Season - Sitcoms

The Nostalgia Mixtape

30-06-2019 • 2 hrs 8 mins

Hello and welcome back to another episode of The Nostalgia Mixtape. This week we do an extensive recap of the last two episodes of Pose, go through some of the nostalgic things we’ve seen on the internet this week, plus discuss some of our favorite 80s sitcom characters, shows, and moments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast, give us a good review, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @NostalgiaMixpod.

Designing Women - What a read!

Blame it Video with like...8 Oscar winners in it for some odd reason

Mary J. collects her well deserved things at the BET Awards

The BEST cover of the Golden Girls theme song you will ever hear

Golden Girls "The Sky is Falling"

The Family Feud episode of 227

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