Episode 85: Memorial Day - Intention, Commitment, Sacrifice

Do You Have A Couple Of Minutes

31-05-2022 • 2 mins

Today in the US is the day we celebrate Memorial Day.  it is a day we remember and pay honor to those who sacrificed their very lives for the freedoms we enjoy.  Freedom to live lives of integrity and honor, as well as lives of whimsy.  Today I am reminded of the intention exercised by each of those who perished for the sake of freedom and free will.  Some gave more willingly than others, but all were intentional in their goal and duty. Each made a commitment to the greater good and to their fellow service person. Reminding us all that true commitment is something that we must be willing to give our all for and is greater than any one individual.  For their commitment,  they were willing to sacrifice life itself - demonstrating the worthiness of their cause.  Today we are reminded that progress requires intention, commitment, and a willingness to sacrifice.  We honor all of those who served and gave their all, so that we all might be able to achieve the greatness and fulfillment that is possible through our intention, willingness and determination.  As we continue through this week, let's pay honor to those who sacrificed, by ourselves living lives of intention, commitment to a greater good, with a willingness to make the sacrifices necessary to bring our dreams and goals into existence.