Episode 27: Giving Your All or Giving Your Best

Do You Have A Couple Of Minutes

Mar 11 2022 • 2 mins

There is a lot of talk about burnout these days.  Perhaps there may be a time or times when we must make the sacrifice to give it our all.  However, maybe being intentional about giving our best is the goal that allows us to keep making progress and to best serve others while taking care for ourselves.  Why not take a stance of giving your best?  Sure, circumstances can vary what your best may be in a situation - and that's OK - because our best is the best we have to give.  And as he song goes, perhaps our best may sometimes not be good enough sometimes.  however, when we give it our best we ensure we are meeting an internal standard of performance or quality and we refuse to render less. We pay attention to our minds and bodies and allow then the refreshment and rest they need to perform at the highest levels we have to give.  Giving our best is foundational to continued progress, growth. Nothing more than our best can be required of us.

This episode dedicated to my dad, a guy who gave his best, and at last gave his all.