Guitar Villains

Tyler Larson

Welcome to Guitar Villains! I'm your host, Tyler Larson. Why Guitar Villains? Because villains are cooler than heroes, it’s just a fact. This is a podcast by guitar players for guitar players and over the course of this series we’ll talk to some of the most creative and innovative minds in the community about how they’ve achieved the things they have on the instrument and how you can become a better player yourself. read less

Misha Mansoor on Pioneering Djent, Why Tonewood DOES Matter, and Driving 190MPH
Misha Mansoor on Pioneering Djent, Why Tonewood DOES Matter, and Driving 190MPH
Today’s guitar villain is Misha Mansoor, a key founder of the beguiling genre of Djent and an overall machine of a guitar player. Misha is the mastermind behind the wall of sound that is the band Periphery, a signature artist of Jackson guitars and BareKnuckle pickups, the founder of the excellent Get Good Drums software, and an avid sports car enthusiast. Misha is also the founder of Horizon Devices, a company featuring some truly spectacular guitar pedals like the Apex PreAmp and Flux Echo, and now, most recently, they’re making guitar strings. With that resume, you better prepare yourself, because it’s time for this episode of Guitar Villains.Intro and Misha’s supervillain alter-ego: 0:00Burning Questions: 6:14Misha’s backward sense of harmony: 11:10Problem-solving in songwriting: 15:10Name Those Notes: 16:44The re-release and return of Bulb: 27:35Guitar playing from the producer perspective: 30:14The hardest and easiest thing about playing guitar: 32:22The most important skill guitar players ignore: 34:34Writing music starting with a drum groove: 37:02The problem with drum loops: 40:29The difference between delay and echo: 42:00Misha’s dream band: 45:59Misha’s favorite airplane album: 48:56Misha’s supervillain advice: 49:39Check out Horizon DevicesCheck out GetGood DrumsFollow Periphery on YouTube Sign up for Guitar Super System, the most popular independent guitar learning platform on the internet: