Let's Talk About Gnéas

Beat 102-103

Let’s Talk About Gneas is a groundbreaking new venture in radio. This 7 part series is the first-ever radio show to include real Irish people sharing real stories of their sex lives. Beat Presenter Michelle Heffernan is fed up with the ignorance and stigma around sex in Ireland and has embarked on an adventure to get real about the Irish and sexual relationships. Aimed at those aged 17 and over, the series covers everything from anal to BDSM, from foreplay to fellatio, from kink to consent. Michelle speaks to real Irish sex educators and journalists to understand important aspects of sexual wellbeing and asks her peers in the South East to share their stories of life between the sheets. This is the series that offers you everything you never learned and need to know. It's time to heal Ireland's relationship with sex. It's time to talk about Gneas! read less