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AAP Podcast #66 – Carley Garner on Equities, Key Commodities, and Her Vegas Must-Sees
Mar 5 2024
AAP Podcast #66 – Carley Garner on Equities, Key Commodities, and Her Vegas Must-Sees
Carley Garner joins Chris Versace on the latest AAP Podcast and the conversation begins with a discussion of the equity markets. Both agree a pullback would be a positive for the market and investors, with Carley explaining why she watches the Nasdaq 100 futures and Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) levels. After a quick chat about Apple (AAPL) and Alphabet (GOOGL), Carley shares the Nasdaq 100 level she is watching closely and where we could see a healthy market correction put the S&P 500. The conversation shifts to key commodities including the trifecta that is ag commodities (corn, wheat, soybeans), cocoa, coffee, oil, and natural gas. In that discussion, Carley reminds us about the boom-and-bust cycle of commodities and shares an upbeat outlook for natural gas and oil but warns the euphoric prices for one of those commodities could be very different in the coming quarters. The podcast closes out with Carly sharing some of her favorite must-dos for folks visiting Las Vegas and shares a restaurant favored by locals that you probably won’t hear about if you're only on the Vegas strip. More from Carley Garner can be found here, and be sure to follow her on X at @CarleyGarner   Other recent AAP Podcasts include Market Strength, Fed Predictions and the Savannah Bananas With Bob Lang Breaking Down the Pre-IPO and IPO Markets with EquityZen's Phil Haslett The Hubbub on AI With Zapata's Christopher Savoie