Radio Origins 2: The Birth of MRN (w/ Joe Moore!)

A Lifetime in Motorsports

Nov 24 2022 • 1 hr 18 mins

Beginning in 1970, Motor Racing Network began as a new entity with a mission to bring NASCAR events to race fans via radio on a national scale. Over time, the network grew into a tremendous cornerstone of the sport. It became so because of the long list of talented broadcasters that brought their talents to the microphone, such as Ken Squire, Mike Joy, Barney Hall and Joe Moore, as well as many, many more in the decades to come. Episode No. 82 of "A lifetime in Motorsports" focuses on a visit with Moore and as he discusses his years with the network. NASCAR historians Ben White and Jerry Bonkowski explore his years with MRN and how he arrived on the scene and also the origins of the No. 82 during podcast No. 81 of "A Lifetime in Motorsports."  Give "A Lifetime in Motorsports" a listen for some interesting information on this week's podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit