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Paris of the Plains is a podcast from Livian Experience KC. We are enriching Kansas City one conversation at a time.
Livian Experience KC is a local real estate team, providing expertise in home buying and selling. Our hope is to provide lasting relationships and value well beyond the home.

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More With Les Norman
Jun 6 2023
More With Les Norman
Welcome to Paris of the Plains, a podcast by Livian Experience KC, a local real estate team. Paris of the Plains seeks to enrich Kansas City through real estate. This is episode 11, which features Les Norman, former Major League Baseball player, radio host and life coach. Les Norman and I dive into a conversation around failure and success, leading yourself and leading others.  You can check out more at"I'm Les Norman, and I have a passion for people.  I find human beings utterly fascinating, and I love sharing their stories-the REAL ones-with the world on my radio show and podcast, "Breakin' the Norm".  I'm also driven to help create passionate servant leaders in business, assist others to establish their own personal brand, and lead men to be the best they can be through life and executive coaching.  One of my greatest rewards is to see others live joyfully and be successful!I grew up without much in life.  An abusive childhood could have left me broken, but I used the wrong road map to find the right places.  I often heard phrases like "You'll never make it." or "You're not good enough.", but instead of believing the negative voices, I became driven to achieve the success I wanted to.  I learned what true joy is through faith and family.  And most importantly, I used my gift of encouragement to help others in life.  As I think back, it's been a remarkable ride.  Earning a Jr. Olympic Gold Medal.  Playing Major League Baseball.  Cliff jumping into the wild ocean in Venezuela.  Sitting in a volcanic hot tub in Costa Rica.  And even winning on the hit game show, "Wheel of Fortune"!!  But with all of those cool experiences, the best one of all...being husband to my bride and best friend of 25 years, Kristin, and being baseball coach and dad to amazing sons Mack (20) and Tayt (16)!" ( by Kris