92: $250K Bottle Service!?! BTS of hiring Drake, Justin Bieber and A-listers for an event with Uncommon Entertainment’s Jake Nussbaum. PLUS Blake Horstmann returns for a 2023 update!

Trading Secrets

Feb 20 2023 • 1 hr 18 mins

This week, Jason is joined by an entrepreneurial success story who co-founded one of the major up-and-coming entertainment production companies in the country, Jake Nussbaum!

Jake and his partner Josh co-founded Uncommon Entertainment, an experienced agency who produces bespoke live events and provides access to exclusive experiences around the world. For those who live in quite the elevated style, Uncommon Entertainment has produced a list of events across the country from Hollywood to the Hamptons. Their most notable upcoming event will be hosting a star studded party at Super Bowl 57 in Scottsdale this year after a successful event at last year’s Super Bowl in Los Angeles which featured performances by Justin Bieber and Drake.

Jake gives insight to how he was able to break into this industry by knowing the importance of networking and falling into a good situation, how he started at Talent Resources focusing primary on athletes, how tricky the transition was when he left Talent Resources, how quickly planning starts for Super Bowl events, and how they are able to reach the major celebrities. Jake  also reveals how his company is one hundred percent at risk on these projects because they fully fund them, how they are able to offset some of the costs and align with the right figures, how they are able to create a very unique environment for a performance level for the big talent they book, and the power of making relationships. How does Jake get these deals with the biggest celebrities? What are they paid? How does he orchestrate them? What kind of agent did he want to be initially? What was the biggest deal he did while at Talent Resources? What is the greatest source of revenue for these events?

PLUS, Blake Horstmann returns to the podcast to catch up with Jason and David! Blake gives insight to his goals for 2023, his approach to monthly resolutions over a year-long resolution, the importance of having multiple streams of income, his thoughts on the numbers related to the Bachelor with the premiere of Zach’s season and how to improve the franchise, updates on his professional life, and dives into the behind-the-scenes of the DJing scene.

Jake and Blake reveal all that and so much more in another episode you can’t afford to miss!

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