From Hayley Paige to Cheval. Sued for the rights to your own name? Say Yes to the Dress star shares secrets to navigating the lawsuit that almost erased her identity

Trading Secrets

Jun 5 2023 • 1 hr 11 mins

This week, Jason is joined by entrepreneur, fashion designer, and America’s favorite bridal expert on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, Cheval!

Cheval’s advanced and diverse experience in the bridal industry made her one of the most sought after luxury bridal designers in the world, earning her opportunities to dress female icons such as Carrie Underwood, Chrissy Teagan, and Dove Cameron. After a decade of working her way up in the industry, Cheval found herself in the legal hot seat after being sued by her employer to gain control of what she believed was her own brand and social media accounts, forcing her to give up much of her hard work she had put in throughout her career. She made the ultimate boss pivot and decided to utilize her entrepreneurial skills to create her own brand under the name Cheval, a powerhouse advocate for artists and creatives.

Cheval gives insight to how much she identified as a wedding dress designer and looking at “former” wedding dress designer as a new chapter, how having your name with the signature line behind a design in bridal makes it a lot more special, why reputation is important, and why the secret sauce is the human connection. Cheval also reveals that Say Yes to the Dress and her former employer are separate from each other, the behind the scenes of her lawsuit, how she is able to utilize her talents in the shoe industry, and the non-profit organization she started, A Girl You Might Know Foundation, that supports young females & creatives during the formative times in their careers. Which element was the hardest to overcome? What does being head of design entail? Which shoes are the most successful? How much has gone into her legal battle?

Cheval reveals all that and so much more in another episode you can’t afford to miss!

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Host: Jason Tartick
Co-Host: David Arduin
Audio: Declan O’Connell

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