Love is Blind VS Bachelor. The numbers, data and info BTS of reality tv. Bachelor Data returns to breakdown the $ecrets!

Trading Secrets

Apr 24 2023 • 1 hr 11 mins

This week Jason is joined by the OG Reality TV data analyst and founder of Bachelor Data, Suzana Somers!

In January 2022, Suzana shared all about how she developed an extremely detailed system that tracked data of various facets of the Bachelor franchise from the contestants, from time on screen to their Instagram follower count to their endeavors after the show. This time around Jason and Suzana dive into how the data has changed in just a year with recent reality shows, specifically Love is Blind.

Suzana gives insight on what her turning point was for creating an entirely new business to expand into more reality TV shows, her take on the pros and cons of the errors during the live Love is Blind finale, how being on different networks can impact the longevity of potential growth, how other networks are better at curating their alumni, and how spilling tea tends to help follower growth. Suzana also reveals why she believes season 4 of Love is Blind is breaking so many different records, how having authentic and different people on Love is Blind sets the show up for success, how TikTok is impacting reality TV, how she tracks data for networks like Netflix, and when the Bachelor franchise tests potential changes. What sort of trends is she seeing with reality TV contestants on social media? Where does she see the future of reality TV contestants and their success on different social media platforms? Which contestants get the most followers? Which network is outpacing the Bachelor?

Suzana reveals all that and so much more in another episode you can’t afford to miss!

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Host: Jason Tartick

Voice of Viewer: David Arduin

Executive Producer: Evan Sahr

Produced by Dear Media.