Hike, Pause or Pivot? Time to Strip the Fed? And Russia’s New Lifeline? 3/21/23

The Exchange

Mar 21 2023 • 45 mins

The highly-anticipated Fed meeting kicks off today and we’ll get you ready for all three possible rate scenarios--a hike, a pause or a pivot—and tell you how to position now.

And the Fed was left in charge of bank oversight after the Great Financial Crisis, but is the US banking system in better shape or is it just as dicey? Wharton Professor Peter Conti-Brown weighs in…and reveals why he’s getting closer and closer to suggesting the Fed should be stripped of that power.

Plus, China and Russia releasing a joint statement saying they will “deepen cooperation and trust” between their armed forces, but that they’re NOT forming a military-political alliance. The Atlantic Councils’ Fred Kempe begs to differ.