The Fed’s Dilemma, Bitcoin’s Big Moment, and Red Flags Ignored? 3/20/23

The Exchange

Mar 20 2023 • 45 mins

The latest FOMC meeting is set to kick off tomorrow. Will they hike, or will they pause? Are there even any good options here, as questions on the health of global banking remain?

We’ll speak with one economist who says the Fed should “pause” here, and another one who expects a “dovish hike.” They’ll each make their case.

Plus, Bitcoin continues to rally, back above $28,000 and surging to a 9-month high. We’ll speak with a leading crypto banker about whether or not this rebound is sustainable.

And, according to the Wall Street Journal, regulators had concerns about Silicon Valley Bank as far back as 2015. Greg Zuckerman co-wrote the story, and will join us with the details.