#031 - Chad Taylor - Local Frontline COVID-19 Nurse Returns From New York City

The Local 724 Podcast

Jul 13 2020 • 1 hr 1 min

What's up everyone, happy Monday! Today in studio we've got an incredible person that is giving us a real look behind the curtain at the COVID-19 crisis. Chad Taylor is a Hempfield native currently working as an RN in Pittsburgh. Months ago he began a fundraiser to collect money and supplies for medical staff in need in New York City. Not only did he donate a bunch of money and food, but he also put his skills to use and worked directly in the COVID-19 wing of NYU Langone Hospital. We're talking 4 12 hour shifts for 8 weeks straight directly in the line of fire... I can't think of anything more incredibly selfless than that. It's good to have Chad home safe and if you'd like to keep up with the incredible things that he's doing, check him out on FB at the link below... He said that he's not done yet and that he is brainstorming on how he can help even more. So please check him out on FB and give him your support!


Also, please give this a share... with all of the negativity out there right now, we all need a positive story!