"Siri, Do My Homework": Is Technology Going to Save or Destroy Teaching? (with Alex Stacy)

Educator Happy Hour

Jan 23 2023 • 50 mins

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Thanks to Alex Stacy for joining me on today's episode. If you want to find him on the internet, don't bother. He is a robot simulation. Just kidding.

You can email him about tech and soda stream hype at: AlexStacyTechnology@gmail.com

Resources based on today's episode

If you want to check out ChatGPT -- to stoke your own excitement or fear -- go here:



For a good, nerdy research read, check out this 2022 article: Assessment in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Here's the abstract:

In this paper, we argue that a particular set of issues mars traditional assessment practices. They may be difficult for educators to design and implement; only provide discrete snapshots of performance rather than nuanced views of learning; be unadapted to the particular knowledge, skills, and backgrounds of participants; be tailored to the culture of schooling rather than the cultures schooling is designed to prepare students to enter; and assess skills that humans routinely use computers to perform. We review extant artificial intelligence approaches that–at least partially–address these issues and critically discuss whether these approaches present additional challenges for assessment practice.


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