Paper Route: Ep 6 | Tom Brady's Detachment Issue, Geno Smith in his Bag, Problems with Franchise Tag

I Am Athlete

Mar 7 2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

In the news today....Brandon Marshall, Ashley Nicole Moss, and our producer Corey Holmes speaks on Tom Brady's detachment issues, news on Tua's longevity, CJ Stroud's future, Geno Smith's BIG BAG, and the franchise tag deadline. #TomBrady #GenoSmith #CJstroud WATCH MORE ➡️ SUBSCRIBE ➡️ CELSIUS is I Am Athlete's essential energy drink of choice on set and before our work outs!⚡️ CELSIUS is Made with premium ingredients, zero sugar, 7 essential vitamins and none of the bad stuff from traditional energy drinks that give you jitters. Visit to find CELSIUS at a retailer near you! #celsiusbrandpartner If you ain't betting on FanDuel Sportsbook, what you doing?! Go to ➡️ to place your bets 🏆 @FanDuel an official sports betting partner of I Am Athlete and the NFL! Follow I AM ATHLETE: YouTube: ➡️ Twitter: ➡️ MAIN Instagram: ➡️ TikTok: ➡️ Linkedin: ➡️ Paper Route IG: ➡️ Apple Podcasts: ➡️ Spotify: ➡️ Follow HOUSE OF ATHLETE: Download the HOA + App: ➡️