Jamie Oliver: The Naked Chef’s crusade to change the world

Unfiltered with James O'Brien

May 6 2018 • 58 mins

More than almost any other Unfiltered guest so far, you know exactly who Jamie Oliver is. Except, you don’t. In a revealing and impassioned interview with James O’Brien, Jamie takes us back to being a young boy in Essex working in his parents’ pub, not only discovering his passion for food, but his passion for what food can do. The Naked Chef saw Jamie become a household name overnight, and while he may have sold a few cookery books off the back of it, his fame enabled him to pursue the thing that he’s best known for: trying to make a difference. Vote for Unfiltered! We're up for the Listener's Choice Award at the British Podcast Awards. Head to britishpodcastawards.com/vote and search for 'Unfiltered with James O'Brien'. Thank you!

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