The TRUTH About Becoming A Full-Time Entrepreneur | Matt Wolff & Brandon Eastman

The Be Better Broadcast

04-08-2022 • 53 mins

Ahhh... entrepreneurship 😍 Sports cars... traveling the world... dream homes... the LIFE. Right? Well, yes, it CAN be! But don't forget what makes it all possible: the hard work. The hours spent behind the curtain. The stress, anxiety and deadlines. In this conversation, Matt Wolff, owner of Ticket Time Machine will reveal the TRUTH about entrepreneurship from his own unique perspective, in an effort to help you make progress faster!

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About this episode:
Welcome to The Be Better Broadcast! This show is here to help you perform at your peak and amplify your success in your personal and professional life. We help you set clear goals and achieve those goals, with the intention of creating a truly extraordinary life.

Sports cars...
Flying first class...
Extravagant galas straight out of The Great Gatsby...

Oh, the allures of entrepreneurship.

It's not all sunshine, rainbows and Lamborghinis:

Owning and operating your business will be one of the most challenging journeys of your life.

It can also be one of the most rewarding experience of your life, too!

There aren't many entrepreneurs who put their whole heart into their work like Matt Wolff of Ticket Time Machine™ does!

Matt has been a full-time entrepreneur since 2018, and in today's conversation, we will be sharing the TRUTH about

✅ What it takes to make it as an entrepreneur,
✅ The correlation between mental health and entrepreneurship, and
✅ The hardships of operating your own business (& how to overcome them)!

If you have followed Matt Wolff, you'll know this will be a raw and real conversation full of nuggets you can take away and USE!

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