BBB 200: How To Step Into Your Entrepreneurial Genius | Alecia Repp & Brandon Eastman

The Be Better Broadcast

21-06-2022 • 40 mins

Business strategy isn't holding you back: you already KNOW the strategy. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is 20% skills and 80% mindset! In this conversation with Alecia Repp, she will give you the framework to mold your identity and beliefs to that of a successful entrepreneur and business owner!

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About this episode:
Welcome to The Be Better Broadcast! This show is here to help you perform at your peak and amplify your success in your personal and professional life. We help you set clear goals and achieve those goals, with the intention of creating a truly extraordinary life.

In your career, have you ever wondered, "What's next?"

You either feel like you're on a constant upward trajectory, or you're unsure of your next steps.

The options for your growth and career success are ENDLESS.

Terry Nawrot is the perfect example of this.

Now the co-founder and CEO of InsightPath, Terry has had a career with many twists & turns.

As an employee of a marketing company in 2005, she rose up the ladder of leadership, eventually owning and SELLING this company in 2017!

Now, she places her focus on building companies that create a positive difference in the lives of her clients.

In this heartfelt conversation of progress, growth and success, Terry will share

👉🏻 How she got started in the world of business,
👉🏻 How YOU can ascend the ladders of leadership, and
👉🏻 How to move from employee to OWNER & even SELL your business!

Whether you're an employee, leader or entrepreneur, this conversation will be PACKED with actionable tips you can apply immediately to your career!

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