BBB 196: How To Lead With Emotional Intelligence | Tracy Solarek & Brandon Eastman

The Be Better Broadcast

07-06-2022 • 30 mins

Emotional intelligence is the key ingredient of a successful and effective leader. If you want to learn how you can lead your team and even your family more effectively, Tracy Solarek will show you exactly what you need to know about emotional intelligence and how it will help you in your leadership pursuits!

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About this episode:
Welcome to The Be Better Broadcast! This show is here to help you perform at your peak and amplify your success in your personal and professional life. We help you set clear goals and achieve those goals, with the intention of creating a truly extraordinary life.

90% of top performing leaders have above average emotional intelligence.

IQ is a thing of the past.

EQ is the REAL differentiator between success and failure.

As a leader, you face MANY challenges during any given day!

You're constantly working to

✅ inspire others,
✅ develop NEW leaders,
✅ guide change, all while
✅ setting goals for you and your team!

It's no wonder why so many leaders are struggling to keep up!

Emotional intelligence is the key that will open the door to higher career success and team performance.

You may be wondering, "Is it possible to raise your emotional intelligence? And if so, how can I do it?!"

Tracy Solarek, coach to high performing leaders, is here to share the steps that will help you achieve peak levels of emotional intelligence.

Tracy has nearly 3 decades of experience empowering leaders and their teams to effectively influence change, increase communication, and positively impact the bottom line.

During this episode of The Be Better Broadcast, she'll show you how to do the same!

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