How Networking Will TRANSFORM Your Life & Business | James West & Brandon Eastman

The Be Better Broadcast

21-07-2022 • 48 mins

Networking isn't ONLY about business. Networking will transform every aspect of your life, even your most personal relationships! James West shares his stories on networking, how it's changed his life and his high-level tips to help you make the most of your networking pursuits!

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About this episode:
Welcome to The Be Better Broadcast! This show is here to help you perform at your peak and amplify your success in your personal and professional life. We help you set clear goals and achieve those goals, with the intention of creating a truly extraordinary life.

Networking isn't 'ONLE' for business.

& yes, that typo IS intentional! I'll explain...

We've been networking with other human since we lived in caves and tribes:

Networking is BUILT into our DNA.

Networking is a pre-requisite to a full and rich life.

My friend James West has networking to thank for MANY great accomplishments in his life, including his MARRIAGE!

Yes, Jame's met his wife, Kelly, through NETWORKING!

Together, they have created ONLE Networking - the business network for people who like people.

When you tune into our conversation, you will discover

👉🏻 How mental health ties into networking,
👉🏻 How you can network BEYOND business opportunities, and
👉🏻 How to get the MOST out of your networking in both business & life!

If you're ready to level up your life or business by becoming a networking PRO, this conversation is for you!

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