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Access AI - Aira's NEW AI feature! | Epic A11y Episode
Apr 2 2024
Access AI - Aira's NEW AI feature! | Epic A11y Episode
Aira recently announced Access AI for their Aira Explorer apps. It's in Bata and with it you'll be able to upload images and get descriptions and be able to ask questions with AI. How does it work and how is it different from all the other apps out there like Be My AI and Seeing AI? Join me for this Epic A11y interview with Aira's CEO Troy Otillio to learn all about Access AI and get your questions answered. Aira website: Get the Aira App: Access AI Beta Signup: Video Chapters 00:00 – Intro to Aira and Access AI 01:29 – Introducing Troy Otillio 02:27 – Access AI Announcement 08:56 – How many images at a time? 10:00 – Can you share an image from your file or gallery? 11:13 – Is this free? 13:02 – Getting validation under 20 seconds 18:16 – Will Access AI continue to be free? 22:07 – Using Open AI and Gemini 25:00 – Cloud or device? 27:23 – What happens to image sent to Access AI? 29:55 – What countries and language will Access AI be available in? 33:30 – What makes Access AI better? 35:20 – Wrap up questions 40:59 - Where is it available? ---------------- Join the Carrie on Accessibility Patreon for exclusive weekly updates, community meet up's and more! Support CoA through my Amazon Storefront! Get a 1 month free Audible trial! Join a supportive and community on Discord! YouTube Shorts: TikTok! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Website: Email: Though it's discontinued, you can still check out the archive of videos from Live Accessible! --- Send in a voice message: