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Apr 14 2024 • 3 mins

About Us:

This world is a dry and weary land.

All around us are people dying for a drink of fresh, new life.

In the Bible, drought and famine were used as a symbol of the lack or withdrawal of God's blessing.

Like the prodigal son and the lost sheep, we have all chosen to leave the safety and security of God's love and favor, enticed by our own lusts and the alluring but empty and deadly deceptions of the enemy of our souls.

We find ourselves lost, alone, broken, hungry, thirsty and on the brink of death.

But none have strayed so far that they cannot return.

Cry out to Him for help and surrender your life back to Him.

He promised He would take you back, always.

We pray the music ministry of The Rain refreshes your dry and weary soul, and opens your heart for the outpouring of God's Holy Spirit in these end times.

Nick and Lauren

All our songs are available for free download here:!AtK0sB1XDdCCmS_awqgSs3o-X0X-?e=GXPcDy
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