Thinking Vitamins

02-03-2022 • 3 mins

Abundance! We all want more of it, and most of us know that having positive thoughts is the way to get it. But how do we do that?

For some of us, it’s not so easy to just start having positive thoughts. After all, our thought Patterns are formed as young children, and If we grew up exposed to a negative framing on life, we’re likely to repeat it.

If we want to get on the road to a more abundant life, we need to learn new navigation skills, but nobody likes a backseat driver … not even our subconscious minds. This means we have to find sneaky ways to get our subconscious to listen — even when it’s being stubborn. This is where Thinking Vitamins comes in.

Thinking Vitamins are sticky ideas, mantras, and perspective shifts on how the world works. When you practice them regularly, your subconscious will have no choice but to pay attention and move you in the direction of more abundance. When you practice them long term, you can reprogram your brain to have more and more automatic my positive thoughts, And miracles will start to happen for you, like they’ve started happening for me and my clients.

My name is Jill McAbe, I’m an Author, business coach and negative thinker turned optimist, and every Thursday, I’ll share personal stories, interviews and new Thinking Vitamins to help you boost your abundance.

Join me on Thursdays to Change your thinking. and change your life.