Ep 6: How Empaths Can Transmute Anger Into Creativity

Thinking Vitamins

14-04-2022 • 40 mins

Have you ever lost control of your temper to the point you said or did something you deeply regretted? Something way out of character for you? Something you wish you could take back?

The recent incident at the Oscars between Will Smith and Chris Rock has put the topic of anger on the minds of many. It was a particularly shocking event because Will is someone who has done a lot of work on himself, so his act seemed way out of character for him.

I've seen many good people lose their temper briefly as if out of nowhere, and I thought Will’s episode at the Oscars was an opportunity to explore what causes good people to act out, and of course, how to put an end to outbursts, and transmute anger into more positive expression.

In this episode, Monica Canducci, an author, artist, Certified Rolfer, and Transformation Coach, joined me to share how we can transmute anger into creativity.

Episode Overview

➡️ how atrocities in the world are affecting the emotional state of empaths

➡️ how to find the message and meaning in anger, and use it to grow and heal

➡️ powerful practices you can use right away to tame your anger dragon

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