Think Like a Champion

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Reach your goals. Transcend your limits. Develop the mind of a champion.

In this life-changing podcast, co-hosts Russell Wilson, Harry Wilson, and Trevor Moawad dig deep into the psyche of high-performance athletes and leaders who push the boundaries of human potential every day. Then they reveal their mindset secrets so you can apply them to your own life and achieve your next win.

Interviews include a star-studded roster of Olympic champions, NFL stars, business moguls, and more. From Tim Tebow’s insight on finding greater purpose in life to Mikaela Shiffrin’s advice on facing performance anxiety, Von Miller’s guide to managing emotions under extreme pressure, and Ciara and Russell’s secrets to relationship success, each episode shares proven mental techniques that have gotten the world’s most elite performers across the finish line and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to win in business, fitness, relationships, or well-being, this podcast will give you the motivation and the tools you need to level up in every aspect of life.

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