Scarlet & Violet v1.2 Update Coming

It's Super Effective: A Pokemon Podcast

Jan 16 2023 • 1 hr 33 mins

We got a bunch of new Tera Raids coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! On top of that, we now have a confirmed update coming at the end of February to the game. The first Scarlet and Violet TCG cards have been shown, but it looks like Rainbow Rares might be a thing of the past. Finally, the Lunar New Year event is coming to Pokémon GO!

00:00:20 - Introduction
00:02:00 - Pokémon GO News
00:18:00 - Pokémon TCG News
00:36:30 - Break
00:37:40 - 1008 of Scarlet and Violet
01:18:00 - SV Update Coming
01:32:30 - Post Credits


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