Pokémon Sleep Update

It's Super Effective: A Pokemon Podcast

Jan 30 2023 • 1 hr 16 mins

Pokémon moves the needle on Sleep and we get some new information in regards to if it's coming soon or not. Comfy is coming to Pokémon UNITE this week and players are already concerned. We talk about Greninja Raids and compare it to Cinderace and Charizard. We also talk about the tolerance of this difficulty for some. Finally, a fish crashes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and spends money while owner is away.

00:00:20 - Introduction
00:02:10 - Pokémon Sleep News
00:27:00 - Comfy in UNITE
00:34:40 - Break
00:38:30 - Greninja Recap
01:09:40 - Fish Plays Scarlet and Violet
01:16:00 - Post Credits

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