Hi Sayang


Hi Sayang adalah suatu koleksi pelbagai kisah mengenai cinta, persahabatan dan pergelutan yang wujud dalam hubungan romantis setiap rakyat Malaysia, yang diceritakan melalui pesanan atau nota suara yang kami sering tinggalkan untuk orang yang paling penting dalam kehidupan kita. This is Hi Sayang, a collection of stories about love, companionship and the struggles that come from the unique romantic relationships of everyday Malaysians - told through the intimacy of voice messages we leave to the people who matter the most. Season 1 is a 6 episode story about Adam and Jackie. Listen to it now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or our website www.zagpodcasts.com. Please subscribe, Like and Comment to be updated about our latest episodes and series!! Written and Directed by: Aina Izzah Actors: Henry Koh and Ian Chan Sound Design: Kael Cover Art: Desh Randima Contributors: Gavriella Tjandra Copyright of ZAG Media. All rights reserved Please subscribe, share and spread the love:) read less