S05|12 - Emotions and Emotional Intelligence with Stephanie Pinto

The Parenting Coach Podcast

Oct 3 2022 • 28 mins

Stephanie Pinto is an Emotional Intelligence coach who specializes in helping parents to create an Emotionally Intelligent family culture at home. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence specialist, is a trained paediatric anxiety therapist, and practiced as a Speech Pathologist for 10 years. She supports parents in learning how to manage their emotions, frustrations and stress so that they are happier, calmer and connect more deeply with their kids. Stephanie also helps parents to raise emotionally intelligent kids, who are self-aware and manage their emotions and behaviour.

In our conversation today:

  • What emotional intelligence is and how we can teach it to our kids
  • What emotionally intelligent parenting looks like
  • The societal conditioning we have that tells us we must fit into “boxes” and how that affects our EQ and our parenting
  • Learning to lean into the discomfort of our kids’ big emotions and not shy away from them
  • Beliefs from childhood that we carry around with us and interfere with our ability to parent in the way we want to
  • How “good enough” parenting is always the goal, not perfection

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