WE Devi Adea Leveraging your voice through podcast and social media

Women Express!

30-11-2018 • 29 mins

Ladies of the world!!! You are more beautiful, powerful, loving, and gifted than you may realize! The world needs your love and your unique soul voice & gifts!

Devi Adeais the host of the popular Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast and the creator of the Podcast on Purpose Online Academy. She is a seasoned Speaker, Podcaster, and Spiritual Coach & Business Strategist.  Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Creatives hire Devi to help them to align their personal mission and message with a successful business, global podcast platform, and freedom-based lifestyle. She is a well-established consultant to many women in the corporate workplace and shares her wisdom with them through coaching to give them power in the workplace presence.

Devi helped me expand my voice by launching my podcast, Women Express!Her tips on how to find your uniqueness, in corporate or your personal life will give you the stepping stones to sharing the beauty of who you are with clarity and power with the world.

Everyone has aunique signatureexpression. My conversation with Devi will help you discover the stepping stones of find your Unique Soul Expression and bring it forth. Today's media environment, Podcasting and Social Medias like You Tube has offered many women an opportunity to find themselves, establish their businesses. This is a great opportunity to explore your unique gifts through the stories and examples shared by Devi.