Episode 031: Meet the Brilliantly Resilient Team of Newsy Jacuzzi!

Brilliantly Resilient

26-10-2020 • 32 mins

We live in a world that can be super scary, but that's exactly what inspired super seven-year-old podcaster Leela Sivasankar Prickitt to start Newsy Jacuzzi! This half-Indian, half-American ray of sunshine is bubbling with curiosity about the world, and she wants every kid to know what's going on!
Leela records with her mom, Lyndee Prickitt, and here's who they are in their own words: "We are a mother-daughter-duo who crawl under the bed each week to record our kids podcast, because the sound is better there (and it makes us laugh). We live in India but have roots across the world. Stuck inside all summer during the nasty old COVID-19 pandemic, all we could do to feel connected to the world was report on it. And so Newsy Jacuzzi was born! Check out our super short intro trailer here.
We’re also pretty passionate about getting people – young and old! – more interested in what’s happening all over the world. We work hard to make the complicated more simple, the seemingly dull pop with life and have as much fun as possible!"
This episode is not to be missed! We love you, Newsy Jacuzzi!!
ENJOY and we can't wiat to hear your thoughts!