The Tapping Girl

Vortex Connection

14-05-2021 • 31 mins

In today’s show, Jennifer Tosian interviewed Colette Liose. Colette Liose discovered Emotional Freedom Technique, aka EFT or “tapping” in 2007, she knew then she had found her calling. Since then she has immersed herself and her clients in this EFT model first developed by Gary Craig in the mid-’90s. Today Colette is now known as “Tapngrl”
Colette is also a Law of Attraction (LOA) teacher and coach. She combines Law of Attraction with “tapping” and has dubbed them THE DYNAMIC DUO! Together they deliver a one-two punch that is undeniable for shifting perspective. “TAPPING” has been a fantastic tool for her and the clients she works with for shifting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to align them with a life of empowerment, ease, joy, and physical and mental well BE-ing. For more information and contact: