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How To Get Over Your EX or ANY Girl
Jun 19 2020
How To Get Over Your EX or ANY Girl
It's normal to feel attachment.   There's nothing wrong with it.  The best thing I do is lay my cards out on the table and tell her how I feel,  this liberates me and makes it clear what I want.  Of course, I don't do it at the very beginning of the relationship.   As we go deeper and you've connected then you can lay out a path by telling her exactly how you feel.  At this point, the ball is in her court.  What does this have to do with getting over your ex or any girl?  Is simple.  You are a ball of energy and emotions.  Energy and emotions are like water.   They take the shape of the female you're currently courting.  I know,   we think there's just "the one".  But the truth is that there are many women capable of playing the role you desire for her to play.  Ultimately the one becomes the girl who is there in the end.  There are no special snowflakes.  But there are genuine connections.  Value the connections and remember there is an abundance of situations and connections out there.  But that being said,  don't go around breaking hearts because you think there is an abundance of hearts to break.  It just simply means you don't have to deal with the suffering that comes with thinking you'll never find another girl like her.  Chances are you won't if you don't carry yourself as a high-value man and set yourself up to win.  But  If you're reading this then you know the actions you must take in order to make yourself appealing to the opposite sex in quantity.   It's common sense.  You get what you put in and karma works in mysterious ways.